Get the Drawing and Donate 30

The aim of this project was to see what kind of artwork people buy, and how much do they spend.
And donate 30% of the selling prices to humanitarian organizations.

Artwork were auctioned in "vol.3 Art Bazar" held in Gallery Andoh (Tottori, Japan) promoted by MORI Auction study group.

July 2009



070109 fragile / 낢

Three above mentioned artwork were sold.
The total sum of succeeded bidding prices was 9450JPY.
20% of the total sum was paid as expenses for this auction.
30% of the total sum, 2835PY was donated to three different humanitarian organizations (to reduce potentiality of misused donated money by organizations).

Plus 411JPY from the last Get the Drawing and Donate 30, so totally 3246JPY.

1082JPY was donated to Plan Japan

1082JPY was donated to Japan Association for the United Nations World Food Programme

1082JPY was donated to The Japan Committee for UNICEFF

50% of the money, 4725JPY will be used as investment for me, oek to make more artworks.