Get the Sand and Donate

+What is it?+
I was asked by Tottori city officers to teach sand sculpting to people who came to "鳥取街なか・賑わいの街づくり実証事業2009" (A.K.A. Please come to Tottori downtown, please).
So I did, during September 14 to 23, 2009. Tottori city paid me 50,685 JPY. (approx. 570 USD)
There were many kids and babies and their parents, their grand parents, and some drunk people.

I divided the payment into five, and donated to five different humanitarian organization, to reduce the risk of donated money beeing misused by organization.
10,137 JPY (approx. 113 USD) par organization.

+The purposes+

Currently, I live with my parents. I also work as a translator to get enough money to feed myself.
So I wanted to donate "excessive" monetary profit to help people who try to help people in need.

Monetary donation have to be done not to help people in countries those can be considered as having lifelines, such as water, food and electricity.

*It is my personal project. This project has nothing to do with any religion nor specific humanitarian organization.

November 2009

10,137 JPY was donated to MSF Japan (Medecins Sans Frontieres)

10,137 JPY was donated to Plan Japan

10,137 JPY was donated to The Japan Committee for UNICEFF

10,137 JPY was donated to Japan Association for the United Nations World Food Programme

10,000 JPY was donated to CARE International Japan (They don't accept donation with small numbers.)

137 JPY will be used for next Get the Drawing and Donate programme.